Stories that repeat – part 7

locomotiveThe story:

About a century ago, there was a very large country in dire economic state and torn by an unpopular war. The government was weak and had no respect by its own citizens. A charismatic leader emerged, who was cherished by the masses, arrived on a train and participated in labor activities (carrying heavy logs ) along with ordinary people. He became the head of the state. The year was 1917, the country was Russia and the leader was Lenin.

The repetition:

Now in the beginning of 2009 a very large country  is in dire economic state and in unpopular war. The government (President Bush and Congress) has the lowest approval rates in recent history. Barak Obama a charismatic leader and president-elect arrived on a train, was cherished by the masses and participated in labor activities (painting a wall) along with ordinary people.

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