Cherche la attorney

“Cherche la femme” goes the famous French saying, which translates literally “find the woman” but it actually refers to the assumption that for every problem, there is a woman who caused it (sexist but this is the way they have it).
Can I paraphrase this into ” Cherche la attorney” when it comes to the health care debate going on in the Congress and nationwide media nowadays.
For starters an overnight stay at Ritz Carlton will cost you $500 on average for a double room. An overnight stay in a top European hospital will cost you $1,000. An overnight stay in an average U.S.Hospital will cost $10,000. No way the doctors take it. No way the ordinary (not doctors) hospital staff is 2000% more expensive than the hotel staff nor they make 10 times more than their European colleagues.
Look for bankers and attorneys when large amounts of money disappear and you will find it. The insurance companies emerge on first sight as the sinkhole where the money go. No doubt they are part of the scheme, however some huge premiums go to cover for huge (often frivolous) lawsuits and related expenses. At the end the money trickle into the attorneys pockets.

That’s why I say to Obama “Cherche la attorney”.

I for example paid over $60K in attorney’s fees to defend a frivolous lawsuit, which settled for $7,500 and the only reason I settled it was because it would cost me another $30K to prove innocent. No justice, just attorney fees.

Wouldn’t an overhaul of the legal system put many things in place in this country. Please comment here.

Is Costco loosing it ?

I am a Costco member for 17 years now since the time it was Price Club in San Diego. They offer great service, take everything I don’t like back and have one of the best prices around. How do they do it – by using their enormous buying power to squeeze every penny out of their vendors and apply their own rule that their gross margin should not exceed 10%. Those two simple rules gave Costco enormous popularity and huge and steady revenue growth.
Few days ago I purchased gas at $2.97 at Costco just to realize that several gas stations sell it at $2.95. I ran to my computer to check Costco financilas and sure enough the gross margin has climbed to 12.44% (based on trailing 12 mo. results). Still not bad, but not where it used to be at 10% for many years.
As far as getting it from the vendors, Costco has loosen their grip there as well. I find often that their prices are not the best on variety of items. Also many reputable brands are not available at Costco for the reason that they will not negotiate their prices lower.
I am still hard pressed to find a better retailer and I (as many, many others) remain a Costco fan, but the shadow of a doubt lays between me and Costco now. Maybe it is time for the next entrepreneur to start the next Price Club like Sol Price did in San Diego 2 decades ago.

Why did I drop HBO

I have dropped my HBO subscription lately after I realized that the only show I was watching there for a while was the Bill Maher show. Comments by Bill that there is no party in the USA in the left space and that the Democrats are actually in the center-right, made me not regret that I’ve dropped HBO. I  will not miss such attitude by the funny man  Bill. I lived behind the iron curtain for 40 years and I can tell you that left and ultra left do not work. Actually one doesn’t need to go that far back. Most recent elections for the European Parliament  showed that people are tired of leftist Governments in Europe and vote for conservative right candidates.