On golfing

I am not a golfer. I find it a very boring sport. Don’t take me wrong. I love outdoors. I am a skier, and surfer that by dynamics is the opposite of golfing. It is funny to see an adult person carrying that bulky golf sticks at airports and hotels. Riding a golf cart on man made turf smoking and drinking along the way just to take a swing at the ball is not my definition of sports either. They say it is good for business. Well it might be, but are we talking sports or business here. Don’t call it a sport than. Judge Tiger Woods by how many business deals he closes. Of course it’s a free country and everyone is entitled to enjoy himself as they please.

If you ask me the golf was invented by the real estate business. There is so much land on the waterfronts and on the ski slopes. Yet the real estate business still wants to enjoy the high property prices. It is hard to make a lake or a ski hill, but golf course one can build. If you go to Poipu beach in Hawaii for example the waterfront parcels are long gone but they have golf course frontage parcels now selling at the same price. Same in the ski resorts – no ski slope parcels anymore, but they will offer you a golf frontage parcel. It is funny how seriously they take themselves when talking about it. Surprisingly many people fall for this trick. My word to those who have not – it is not the same. Be prepared for the noise from the mowing machines and the irrigation. You need to build shields to protect from flying balls. Of course there are significant expenses which you have to pay, if you want to set foot on the golf course. In the worst-case scenario there maybe some methane gas coming out of the golf course sine they build them on top of landfills sometimes. Bottom line. Buy a property NOT on the golf course for half the price and laugh all the way to the bank. Pick a real sport, if you want to stay fit and enjoy the outdoors.