Hats off to Janet

Janet is not a scientists or a doctor. She doesn’t work on a cure for cancer or nano technologies. She is an optician. She does my glasses. For 17 years. At the same place. This is what makes her precious to me. For those who don’t wear them, the glasses break quite often (or get lost, or get abused etc.) and it is nice to know that Janet is there for you.  Janet will not make millions people happy. She makes few people happy, but what if we would have millions like Janet?  Millions would be happy then. While it is not uncommon for people to stick to their jobs in the Midwest, it is a horrible situation here in California. People change jobs every 3-4 months in pursuit of only they know what. It seems that everyone is trying to reach the level of their incompetency. We all suffer as a result. For example I was trying to get an advise in a fragrance store the other day. I asked the girl how long she is doing it so that I evaluate her advice. Two weeks, was the answer. Then get me someone else with longer experience – I said. She asked around and it appeared that the longest tenure was 3 mo for the five girls in the store. While it is funny for a fragrance store it becomes scary when we talk nurses, doctors, builders, attorneys, engineers etc. That’s why I say “hats off to Janet”.

Good effort bad effort

The effort of the 6 years old trying to write first letters and words on paper with the tongue out is amazing. The effort of the soldiers  trying to pull a wounded fellow from the battlefield under enemy’s fire is heroic. The effort of a mom sitting at her sick child’s bed for days and nights without sleep is phenomenal. The effort of a President to make health care affordable is historic. I am sure that anyone can continue with the list of what I call “good effort”. I am always exited and humbled when I encounter the “good effort”.

There is another effort, which I call “bad” effort. I hate it when I see it. I try to shut any relation to it and get as far as possible. For example, I walk out of the movie theater when I see the artists making an effort to play their roles in a movie.  I walk out of Subway restaurant when I see the genuine effort by a high school drop out to make a sandwich. I hang up the phone when I feel the effort on the other side to help me with technical issues they don’t know nothing about.  I despise the “bad effort” in any form and shape. I fight it whenever I can.

We all apply efforts in our lives. Some good and some bad. Think of yours. Are they good efforts or bad efforts. It might be time for a carrier change if you catch yourself applying bad efforts more often than good efforts.