Everyone comments on iPad nowadays, so why not me.

iPad is a giant iPhone. Many are disappointed, they expected more. Apple stock is down. Gloomy predictions abound. Excuse me. What did you expect? You don’t know, do you.

Yes, iPad is a giant iPhone and this is exactly what I  want. I am using Fujitsu tablet since the 90-ies and I am not impressed at all. It gets really hot , the battery lasts couple of hours at best and the screen is hard to see in daylight. Now bear in mind that Fujitsu is one of the best out there. I tried the Kindle and I didn’t like it mostly for the restriction to be a book reader only. On the other hand my iPhone delivers on all my expectations and it is the device of choice for most of my activities that do not need large screen and convenient keyboard. It seems that iPad fills those voids.

iPad provides (allegedly) versatility, lightweight, long battery life and most important – all the applications one may ever need. Equipped with G3, WiFi, GPS, BlueTooth, accelerator sensor and a touch screen, it creates the perfect platform for millions developers worldwide to create the application you need. Believe me they will create that application you need so badly.

I am very bullish on iPad and I predict a great success. It will set the standard for the tablet and portable computing and many will follow in iPad’s steps. The “pure” e-readers like Kindle will be pushed out by the versatility of the new standard set by iPad.

While there is nothing revolutionary in the iPad as far as technology goes, the revolution already happened and it is called third party applications. Apple is far ahead of everyone else in this regard, which is most important.

My comments are based on information in the media about iPad. I have never touched one. I am very interested to see the screen and the virtual keyboard and than I will comment more.

Meanwhile mark my predictions and the date. Let’s revisit it one year from now.

Disclaimer. I do not  own Apple stock at the time of this publication nor do I have any other vested interest direct or indirect in Apple.