Our whole world will turn into chaos and dust according to the physical principle of entropy. Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David, Homer’s Odyssey and the paper describing the very theory of entropy among many other things will disappear. It takes energy to keep things in order. As time goes the energy of the Sun depletes and we are getting closer to the moment when there will be no energy left to keep atoms and molecules together and everything will turn into chaos and space dust. One may argue that this time is very far in the future. I think that the process has started looking at my kids’ rooms.

Chopping tomatoes

I’m chopping tomatoes for a salad today. Not from the store. Straight from the garden. We like diversity so we have all kinds – large , small, red, pink, purple and even black tomatoes. Some are nice looking like coming from a ketchup ad and others are ugly with lumps and warts. I’ve noticed that those that look best on the outside are not always good inside and the ugly ones sometimes are wonderful inside. Like people are.