Are you ready for the call?

Jean Paul moved from France to the U.S. pursuing the “American Dream”. He started a small business selling French Soaps online. He came to realize the hard way that the grass is not greener here and that it is a struggle to survive by running a small business. Jean Paul would be on the brink of bankruptcy for years. The labor, insurance and marketing expenses would eat all of the modest profit margins before Jean Paul could put something aside for himself. One day Jean Paul was devastated by really bad news. Large national retail chain started selling his mainstream soap “Savon de Marseille” for less than his cost was. “This is the end of it” he said to himself “I better go back to my day job in France if it is still available.” Indeed the online orders went from meager to nil. This lasted for 2-3 months and a miracle happened after that. The orders came back big time and surged to levels unseen before. Jean Paul had finally made it. What happened was that the retailer dropped the “Savon de Marseille” product. They managed to educate the consumer of the wonderful smell of French lavender and the clean fresh feeling after using “Savon de Marseille” soap by their trial. Consumers started looking for the soap online and ordering from Jean Paul in quantities he had never dream of.
The moral of the story is that Lady Luck is out there and she visits those who are prepared and have their doors open for her.