My grand-, grand- father didn’t have a wristwatch. He would reach for his pocket to pull a pocket watch to tell the time. I do the same several generations and over hundred years later. I reach for my pocket to pull my iPhone to tell the time. It seems that we are moving on a spiral where old things repeat at a new level.
I wish I was the first one to notice that. It was observed and well described by the German philosopher Friedrich Engels in his work Dialectics of Nature (unfinished, 1883) among others. Another example is the attempts by medieval alchemists to turn lead into gold. They believed in it and tried hard to do it. Later on the scientists denounced it as absolutely ridiculous and impossible. However at even later date the nuclear scientists did transform elements, thus closing the spiral winding. Did you notice the spiral of the evolution in your personal life. Post a comment here to share…

Recommendation for losers

Goldman Sachs downgraded the stock of TomTom the navigation devices maker to sell on June, 28-th, 2012. I believe for the right reasons. However a large article was published about two months before that by Wired magazine discussing the problems with the industry at length and predicting that the stand alone navigation GPS devices are doomed and will be extinct soon. In this regard the Goldman Sachs downgrade is late at least two months. That’s why I call it recommendation for losers.