King “app”

Needed to shoot fast “burst” photo shots lately at a rate of about 30 per second. First inclination was to take my expensive Panasonic SLR camera that I bought for $1,500 not that long ago.  Bummer !  The damn thing can’t shoot more than 3 shots per second. Turned to the iPone apps without much of a hope knowing that iPhone is a modest device photography wise. I was wrong. A dozen of apps popped up and out of them 2-3 looked decent based on reviews. Picked the best looking one for $0.99 investment and guess what not only it worked but the developer was  quick to respond to my questions and even modified the app to meet my requirement for  milliseconds in the time stamp. I wish Panasonic had opened their device to apps. With so much better lenses and sensors it will thrive in an open for apps world.

Welcome to the new world ruled by apps. A light bulb company announced recently that they are making a new “apps enabled” light bulb. There are rumors that Tesla Motors will release an API for people to write apps for their car. It’s a new world indeed. We the people will take over the design of our surroundings the way we like it instead of handful of engineers and designers. Small flexible developer’s shops will customize things the way we want them. Imagine asking Toyota to restrict the speed and acceleration of your Lexus when your teenager son is driving it. Impossible today. Quite possible in the apps driven world. I’m excited! How about you?