Who will lose the next world war

Russians lost the cold war. For economic reasons. The former Soviet Union put politics ahead of economics. They were trying to export their ideology worldwide at any cost. The results were devastating for them. They collapsed under the enormous economic burden. Fast forward 2 decades. USA is trying to export our ideology to various places worldwide regardless of the price. If history tends to repeat itself than nothing good is ahead for USA unless sense prevails and policies are changed.

Gimmi power…

Thousands of troops would move by the move of my finger. Now in retirement I’ve hard time bringing a plumber to my house.

Attributed to Gen. Schwarzcopf

Men are all about power. It’s part of their nature. When they lose their power due to lost job or retirement for example some try to compensate in various “managerial” roles in entities no one else wants to manage such as HOA, various clubs, groups and sadly their own families just for the fulfillment of managing often to extreme annoyance of those under management.