On Electric Vehicles (EVs).

There are three major misconceptions about the electric vehicles (EVs)

1. Poor people fund rich people through the gov. subsidies.

2. It takes fossil  fuels to produce electricity hence environmental effect is not that great.

3.  It’s elitist technology very few can afford.

Here is why they are all wrong in the same order

1. All “subsidies” for all EVs sold in USA ever amount to 1 (one)  week military spending by USA in the middle east (my calculation from public sources). The wars are motivated by petroleum supply. Let dependence on petroleum go and the war expense will go. It’s worth trying and the expense to try is so small compared to the benefit.

2. Many EV owners have solar source of electricity thus polluting zero ! And those who don’t can easily have one.

3. Solar installation is available at $0 down and EVs are available to lease as low as $90 mo. (smart EV)  to $350 mo. (Nissan Leaf) in most cases less than the monthly gas expense.

Hopefully the EV revolution is here to stay !