Mr. President (of Tesla) tear down that wall

Apple did it once again. Facebook did it. Amazon did it. Microsoft did it. Tesla is the only one keeping their software behind a wall.

Tear down that wall Mr. Musk. Provide API so that developers all over the world start developing and improving Tesla.

Pair the large screen with our smartphones so that we enjoy improvements right away (while waiting for 7.2 :-).

Like all of the above companies Tesla is great in one thing. Can’t be great at everything.

Siri knows 1000s words, so do Cortana and Alexa. Tesla knows 4 words and ironically the driving is where the voice communication is most important so that the hands are on the wheel.

It’s a shame for Tesla owners to sit in front of 17″ Internet connected screen and yet fumble with 5″ phone to get the functionality they want. Building a browser is a big thing Mr. Musk and Tesla’s browser confirms it. You can’t build factories and browsers at the same time. Pick one.

True that none of the above companies is in the risky business of putting cars on public roads. Sure there are legal and liability issues.

However when there is will there is a way.

Only in California

I made the following observation while walking the dogs at Del Mar dog beach.

Only in California you can see people at the dog beach dressed like they are going to the opera and at the opera dressed like they are going to the dog beach.