Everyday’s Chernobil

Thanks to HBO for the wonderful movie Chernobil. Experts say that Chernobil disaster can’t repeat today. Actually it does repeat every day in America’s corporate and political life. Professionals of all ranks and stripes look upwards to their carrier and business interest and let junior, often inexperienced and non-qualified people to do the real work with little or no supervision.

Addictions …

Watched the Netfilx series “Narcos” lately. A lot of time wasted. It is an addictive movie. Addictive movie about addictive substances. How is Netflix different than the Cali cartel? Money are in the addictions. Netflix’ , Amazon’s as well as all TV series are designed to be addictive. So are FaceBook , Fortnite and many others. Creating addictions to web pages, games and apps is taken to scientific level in the Silicon Valley. Don’t let them obsess you.

Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe

Claude Monet’s famous painting “Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe” comes to mind when I was watching a meeting today of President Trump with Democrat’s leadership. Everyone was looking in a different direction and pitching own agenda without regard to anyone else.

Image result for trump pelosi and schumer

Image result for dega painting breakfast in the park


Good movies, bad movies

Good movie is when you don’t think about how it was made when watching.

Bad movie is when you see the actors’ effort playing it or feel the pain of the screenplay writer trying to come up with few more exiting moments.

Just saw 1975 movie “Night Moves” with Gene Hackman. I could feel how the screenplay writer was scratching his head and biting his pen trying to come up with one more twist to the plot.

You can wear your baseball hat backwards but you’ll never be as cool as a black guy

White boys can wear their baseball hats backwards but will never look as cool as a black boy. This comes to mind when looking at the new All Electric SUV vehicles coming from Europe. Jaguar I-PACE and Audi e-tron do what European luxury car makers do best adding nice design and finishing touches and comfort features. Yet they are missing on major issues like total connectivity, autopilot, enhanced navigation, over the air software updates etc. Not to speak that there is no significant network of charging stations European style in the U.S. yet. It is one thing to copy the Silicon Valley and another to be born and live there. Tesla invented it and is still well ahead in the game. Tesla is not perfect either (see my blog below “Tear down than wall ….”)  but my bet is on her for now.

In memoriam

I lost my mom today April, 2, 2017

Dear Mother, rest, your work is over
Your loving hands shall toil no more ..
No more your eyes will look at me
Rest, dear Mother, gently sleep.