Mr. President (of Tesla) tear down that wall

Apple did it once again. Facebook did it. Amazon did it. Microsoft did it. Tesla is the only one keeping their software behind a wall.

Tear down that wall Mr. Musk. Provide API so that developers all over the world start developing and improving Tesla.

Pair the large screen with our smartphones so that we enjoy improvements right away (while waiting for 7.2 :-).

Like all of the above companies Tesla is great in one thing. Can’t be great at everything.

Siri knows 1000s words, so do Cortana and Alexa. Tesla knows 4 words and ironically the driving is where the voice communication is most important so that the hands are on the wheel.

It’s a shame for Tesla owners to sit in front of 17″ Internet connected screen and yet fumble with 5″ phone to get the functionality they want. Building a browser is a big thing Mr. Musk and Tesla’s browser confirms it. You can’t build factories and browsers at the same time. Pick one.

True that none of the above companies is in the risky business of putting cars on public roads. Sure there are legal and liability issues.

However when there is will there is a way.

Only in California

I made the following observation while walking the dogs at Del Mar dog beach.

Only in California you can see people at the dog beach dressed like they are going to the opera and at the opera dressed like they are going to the dog beach.

Say it in French if it ain’t pretty

Giclée (/ʒiːˈkleɪ/ zhee-KLAY or /dʒiːˈkleɪ/) – print for arts

Color printing is cheap nowadays. So how can an art dealer sell you a print for more. Simply by naming it Giclee.
Likewise when you hang the picture at your home you’re not telling your guests that it’s a print. No, no sir it’s a Giclee.

Faux /ˈfoʊ/ – false or fake

It doesn’t sound good to say my sofa is made of fake leather or my coffee table has fake marble top.
Saying faux leather and faux marble is much fancier and half of your guests wouldn’t know what it is anyhow.

Confit (/kɔ̃fi/) – preserved for food.

The food is cooked slowly in fat and salt as a method of preservation. French who invented it admit that it is not that good for anything but duck and using the term for any other meats or products is not a good practice.

It wouldn’t look great on a restaurant menu if it says

“Rabbit that we cooked a month ago in fat and salt”

much nicer

“Rabbit confit”

Sous-vide (/suːˈviːd/) – method of slow cooking in water bath at low temperature of about 130 degrees F for long time.

It ain’t pretty to say to your dinner guests
” I took those stakes from the freezer this morning and kept them in warm water all day long. Now you eat them.”

Much better is to say

“We have Sous-vide stakes for dinner tonight.”

On Electric Vehicles (EVs).

There are three major misconceptions about the electric vehicles (EVs)

1. Poor people fund rich people through the gov. subsidies.

2. It takes fossil  fuels to produce electricity hence environmental effect is not that great.

3.  It’s elitist technology very few can afford.

Here is why they are all wrong in the same order

1. All “subsidies” for all EVs sold in USA ever amount to 1 (one)  week military spending by USA in the middle east (my calculation from public sources). The wars are motivated by petroleum supply. Let dependence on petroleum go and the war expense will go. It’s worth trying and the expense to try is so small compared to the benefit.

2. Many EV owners have solar source of electricity thus polluting zero ! And those who don’t can easily have one.

3. Solar installation is available at $0 down and EVs are available to lease as low as $90 mo. (smart EV)  to $350 mo. (Nissan Leaf) in most cases less than the monthly gas expense.

Hopefully the EV revolution is here to stay !

Who will lose the next world war

Russians lost the cold war. For economic reasons. The former Soviet Union put politics ahead of economics. They were trying to export their ideology worldwide at any cost. The results were devastating for them. They collapsed under the enormous economic burden. Fast forward 2 decades. USA is trying to export our ideology to various places worldwide regardless of the price. If history tends to repeat itself than nothing good is ahead for USA unless sense prevails and policies are changed.

Gimmi power…

Thousands of troops would move by the move of my finger. Now in retirement I’ve hard time bringing a plumber to my house.

Attributed to Gen. Schwarzcopf

Men are all about power. It’s part of their nature. When they lose their power due to lost job or retirement for example some try to compensate in various “managerial” roles in entities no one else wants to manage such as HOA, various clubs, groups and sadly their own families just for the fulfillment of managing often to extreme annoyance of those under management.

Entertain friends …

One of the staple phrases of the real estate agents is ” space to entertain friends…”. The larger and more luxurious the property is the larger those spaces are. The question is – do the wealthy owners of those estates have friends ?