Everyday’s Chernobil

Thanks to HBO for the wonderful movie Chernobil. Experts say that Chernobil disaster can’t repeat today. Actually it does repeat every day in America’s corporate and political life. Professionals of all ranks and stripes look upwards to their carrier and business interest and let junior, often inexperienced and non-qualified people to do the real work with little or no supervision.

Addictions …

Watched the Netfilx series “Narcos” lately. A lot of time wasted. It is an addictive movie. Addictive movie about addictive substances. How is Netflix different than the Cali cartel? Money are in the addictions. Netflix’ , Amazon’s as well as all TV series are designed to be addictive. So are FaceBook , Fortnite and many others. Creating addictions to web pages, games and apps is taken to scientific level in the Silicon Valley. Don’t let them obsess you.